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How do you let the time pass you by?

People fail to realize that time will pass whether you decide to make a change or not. In 1 year you can look back and be proud, or look back and wish you had started, but either way the same amount of time will pass you by...you decide!

How often do you hear somebody say "ill start tomorrow" or "I am starting my diet on Monday"?  Guess what, Monday never comes!  Don’t be a person who puts off their goals, but more importantly then you goal is your health.  I can NEVER understand why people neglect and abuse their health and wellbeing.  The only thing that keeps you alive and on this planet is your health.  

The easiest and quickest way to get on track with your goals without constantly falling off the wagon after two weeks is to gradually change your lifestyle.  It is too hard, even for a professional athlete to go from black to white overnight.  Take small steps, slowly remove foods from your diet, and gradually increase the frequency (amount) of workouts and intensity.  This is a transition phase, so don’t expect changes to happen overnight, keep in mind some of you have not taken great care of your bodies for years so it will take more then just a few short days to see and feel changes.  I can assure you one thing though, the hardest past is the beginning and taking that first step, so once you do your already on your way there!


Amer kamra NASM PT

Lifestyle | October 29, 2012

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