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The reason you never achieve your goal!


The other day, I was approached by a young guy named Michael. Michael had a lot of trouble understanding and executing a crucial mental element to making gains and building muscle: discipline.   


We’ve all felt that rush of excitement when deciding to start something new, like getting a gym membership or starting a diet on Monday – but how do you make something out of this newfound motivation? Really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg because discipline means self-control. The control to follow through on a promise to yourself to go to the gym at the same time four times per week, or to skip the donuts in the lunch room at work. 


Strengthening your self-control muscle will ultimately allow you to fortify a decision-making process that is based on something more reliable than impulse: a plan. Here are some basic tips for creating a plan that works:

  • Identify your weaknesses and create a manageable plan accordingly. Think about the exercises you will perform, the time you will go, and how you will track progress. Write your programs in advance, that way you’re not that person walking into a gym a few random times a week aimlessly using machines and deciding in the moment what you “feel like” doing. 
  • Set yourself for success by planning your meals in advance. We usually think that “self-control” is lame (especially when it comes to eating), but really this is how you create a healthier long-term relationship with both your food and yourself! 
  • Hold yourself accountable, but don’t forget to recognize your progress. Being disciplined and having self-control doesn’t mean your life needs to be boring or restricted; stay focused on the goal and enjoy the ride.


When in doubt, ask for help. If you’ve found yourself at a standstill in your progress, you may need a fresh perspective on how you can achieve your goals or just someone to inspire you to stay on track.

Coach Marko 

Coach Marko | November 08, 2017

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