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Eating too little is worse then eating too much?

When we think diet, to many the first thought that comes to mind is eating less or close to nothing. That is the biggest misconception, and the perfect way to set up yourself for failure. A few days ago, I was speaking to a female that weighs approx. 140lbs. She had told me she eats a 3-oz chicken breast and some plain broccoli 4 times a day everyday. One of two things, complete B*S*, or she’s only been on the diet for a day and hasn’t felt any of the negative effects this can have on a person. Without doing the math, her daily caloric intake wouldn’t even come close to 1000 calories.

Cutting calories exceptionally low, usually leads to cutting micro and macro nutrients which can be putting you on on the right track to fail. My personal diet consists of eating high carb, high fat meals at the right times of the day, that way I keep my metabolism revved up and my body burning more calories throughout the day, and night.

Another dilemma you will face when cutting your caloric intake too low, is cutting your vitamins and minerals out of your diet. Cutting your essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients(carbs/fats/proteins) will directly hinder energy levels, growth and repair of the body(hair, nails, muscles), joint lubrication, heart health, and your overall well-being. Who wants to feel like shit right? I know!

Many people complain that their joints ache and pain when dieting. Many times this happens because they have cut out many of the nutrients from their diet which will aid in repair in the body. I can’t stress how important it is to get a wide variety of foods in the diet especially fruits, vegetables. We all know that fruits are high in sugar, however they do not carry the same characteristics that table sugar does and the body does not utilize them the same way. Look how many vitamins and minerals a grapefruit contains, why miss out on all of the benefits…

Many people have the excuse that they can obtain these nutrients from a multivitamin, sorry to break it to you but who knows how much of the multivitamin your body actually can use of it.

I want to stress the importance of not being on a diet for 8 weeks or so, but to try and live a healthy lifestyle, so you can eat tasty foods, enjoy them, experience weight loss, while still feeling sane. It is possible without a doubt, you just have to eat well balanced meals. Spend the money to get a meal plan tailored specifically for you, and not by somebody who is only concerned that you shed off the weight, but for your health also. I can assure you, that if the diet is very hard to stick to, and you are kicking yourself in the ass everyday, and hating every minute of it, you will get to your goal, and crash hard one day and BINGE! Their is only so long you can do something you hate, so make sure enjoy eating healthy foods and don’t put to many restrictions on what you can eat unless you are dieting for a bodybuilding competition. It is better that it takes you a bit longer to lose the weight rather then shedding it so fast. By doing so you will keep the weight off permanently and not pig out and gain an extra 10lbs on top of what you started with. Many bodybuilder’s(not all) look amazing, but only for a few weeks out of the year, one of the reasons being is that their diet is very difficult to stick to, and can only be done for so long and not a life-long thing.

A few tips:

1. Eat a well balanced diet to get as many vitamins and minerals as possible

2. Eat fibrous carbs, fats proteins, and drink plenty of water throughout the day(4-6 times in smaller portions)

3. Eat different foods, rather then the same meal everyday(trick your body, keep it working and guessing

4. Portion controlling your food, eating enough but not to the point that you are full

5. Stay away from foods that have been altered, processed, or have been changed in any way. Stay away from foods that have additives(added ingredients)

Nutrition | October 29, 2012
it's very veri interessant
By : simone | Date : Jul 15 2013

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