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Balance your body’s PH level

Balance your body’s PH level.


A very important factor that is often overlooked is the amount of acidity in our bodies.  Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle building, and performance and overall healthy living you should test your PH balance and ensure your body is not in an acidic state..  Your PH level is a good indication of how healthy your body is and the amount of acid in your body.   The PH is rated on a scale up to 14.  The lower the number the more acidic your body is, and the higher the number the more alkaline, but of course we want it in the middle for optimal functionality at about 7.3-7.6  Anything below a 7 rating means your body carries to much acid, and anything higher then about an 8 means your body is too alkaline, so ensure you are in the middle target.  You cant test your PH balance by going to any health food store and grabbing some PH test strips for no more then 10$.


The problem with too much acid


The more acidic your body is the less likely your body can get rid of all of the waste in your body.  Rather then ridding your body of waste and fat, your body is working harder to fight the acidity, making your body less efficient and effective.


Also, the more acid you have in your body the less likely your body will absorb micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) so even though you are consuming great foods your body may be too acidic to absorb them.  Cell reparation is also hindered in an acidic state, so the more alkaline your body the quicker it will repair and grow.


Tips to make your body more alkaline


Digestion in our bodies takes up to about 8 hours for full digestion.  This means that if you are always eating every few hours, you never actually give your body time to rest and get rid of the waste.  Try not to consume foods 1 hour before bed, and 1 hour upon waking up so you provide a 2-hour window for your body to cleanse itself and rid of toxins.


Drinking more water will help to reduce acidity in your body.  Consume more water so your body can push out the toxins and focus on burning more fat.  The problem with most water is that they are acidic, try to look for high alkaline water or even consider installing a water filter into your tap water system.  Test the PH of your regular tap water and you can see for yourself that it is fairly acidic, even regular bottled water is not much better.  Adding some black mica or even baking soda to the water will help bring up the PH balance.


Consume high alkaline foods.  Foods that are alkalinizing and that will help to reduce acidity in the body are generally most greens, especially dark leafy greens and even fruits.  Yes, although fruits such as lemons are high acidic, it does not mean it makes your body more acidic.  Lemons are great, and you should always include them in your water.  Stay away from processed foods and sugars, as they are high acidic foods.  Canned foods and pickled foods are among some of the worst; however see the alkaline food list for more. As far as beverages caffeinated drinks such as coffee and pop are among the worst.  Animal meal can be fairly toxic as well when broken down and digested in the body.


Managing stress will help to keep your body healthy.  When we stress we elevate our stress hormone in our body called cortisol.  This stress hormone elevation can increase toxicity in your body, as it is not as efficient at ridding waste.  Your body is in its most stressful state after an intense workout so always refuel and manage acidity levels post-workout through a greens supplement.  Learn to stop stressing the small stuff in life, and start enjoying it more.


Lastly, being fit and active will help reduce acidity in your body.  When you are sweating and increasing your body’s health via exercise your body will eliminate toxins.


Follow those simple tips to a healthier body.  It is amazing the difference that you will feel and visually see once brining up your PH levels.  You will notice significant changes in your skin, hair, muscle, body fat etc.  Be sure to test your PH levels before making these changes and then monitor it every week to see the progress.

Click Here For the Alkaline Food List 

Amer the Hammer Kamra-Transformation Coach

Hammer Fitness





Nutrition | November 01, 2012

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