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Beat the Common Cold Quick!

Beating the common cold

Beating the cold is very simple; in fact if you follow these tips you will beat it within a day without expensive medicine.  You will see a person often that are sick for 3-4 days, that is usually an indication that they are not taking the correct steps to beating the cold.


Your first priority is to strengthen the immune system and relax. A common reason why people find it hard to beat the cold is stress, you must not stress as this adds more stress to your body and your immune system.


Drinks lots of water.  Water will flush toxins out of your body. Imagine a long pipe, and imagine that through the pipe their is a build up of gunk, in order to get the gunk out your must replace the gunk with water by pushing water through the pipe, this is exactly what you want to do with your body.  Water will flush any toxins out so that your body can focus on being healthy.  Adding lemon to your water can be very beneficial, as lemons will help raise your body's alkaline level.


Vitamin C should be consumed throughout the day.  It is recommended that you consume vitamins C whether you are sick or not to reduce stress levels within your body.  Vitamin C also helps protect your body against any infections and immune toxins.  Another important factor of vitamin C is its ability to produce white blood cells.  Take vitamin C tablets 4x throughout the day, in the morning, 2 throughout the middle, and 1 before bed of 500mg-1000mg.


Cod Liver Oil is essential for a number of reasons, including its high potency of vitamin D that is very rare to find in foods in large abundances.  Fish oils are great for overall health of your body, especially your heart.  The healthier your body, the more likely you are to fight the cold quick.  Vitamin D is especially good for immune health although it is often overlooked.  Take your Cod liver oil 4x throughout the day as well with the vitamin C tablets.


Lastly I recommend drinking raw greens juice.  It may be hard to consume dense foods if your throat is hurting so I recommend juicing raw green vegetables all together and drinking that throughout the day.  This will help pull toxins out of your body and create a more alkaline state within your body.


Follow the mentioned steps to quick recovery of the cold.  I can assure you that within a day your cold will be gone and you no longer will have to blow your money and medication that does not work as effectively or effectively


Amer the Hammer

Hammer Fitness


Nutrition | November 05, 2012

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