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The Best Ab Workout


The Best Ab Workout

We all know that diet is the key to getting abs, but in fact diet is not the only component to getting the perfect six pack.  Diet in combination with resistance training, abdominal training, water intake and rest and recovery!


Lets save the other factors for another discussion, and lets focus solely on abdominal training today.  I have found over the years that training my abs, in the morning on an empty stomach is best because you can get the best possible contractions without having any food in your gut affecting the workout.  Followed by my morning abdominal workout would be morning cardio, of course this is the routine I would use for fat loss or during a "get ripped" phase.


I will usually start my abdominal workout off with 5 rounds of skipping at a 1:1 interval ratio.  Basically I will skip for a minute followed by a minute of rest and repeat 5 times.


After that I like to perform Roman Chair Knee Raises.  I do 5 sets of 50 reps. I recommend starting out at 5 sets by 20 reps and increasing gradually up until 50 reps. It should take you 6-8 weeks to get to the point of being able to do 50 reps. It is important that you are controlling the reps and tempo, no swinging back and forth.

Secondly I will do Roman Chair Side Knee Raises.  I will hit the sides to really engage my obliques.  Remember it is not just your "six pack" that makes your core look good; it is also all of the surrounding muscles as well.  I like to do 3 sets of 20 per side.


The third exercise is stability ball rises on a bench.  Lay down on a bench with your hips just off of the padding.  Have the ball between your legs, and lower the ball down to the point where it almost touches the floor, from there raise the ball all the way up.  I recommend 3 sets of 20 reps.


The fourth exercise is all about strengthen the body, and really engaging your core.  Planks, we all love planks (yea right).  Perform 3 sets of planks for maximum time to really fatigue the core and get all of the tiny muscles engaged in the exercise.


That is all you need as far as your ab workout.  Follow our blog, as we will constantly be posting our favourite ab workouts that will help you reach your quest of getting a six-pack.


Amer the Hammer

Hammer Fitness

Abs | December 11, 2012
How long is the rest period?
By : joe | Date : Jun 20 2013
Thanks for posting your ab workout! I am going to try this today :)
By : Tania Z | Date : Jan 14 2013

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