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Feeling Sluggish and tired throughout the day?

 Are you feeling tired, sluggish, and lazy especially in the morning?  Are you finding it hard to focus, concentrate or just feeling like crap all of the time?  You may be suffering from adrenal fatigue!


Adrenal fatigue occurs when you have run down your adrenal glands through a number of ways including but not limited to stress, caffeine, illness, lack of sleep over working, drugs, and poor diet.  You may feel gloomy or “gray” throughout the day due to adrenal fatigue.  In a nutshell adrenal fatigue occurs when your body cannot keep up with the amount of stress placed upon it, and will decide to “shut down”.


Many of these factors will contribute to adrenal fatigue to the point that you don’t even feel like waking up in the morning, or you feel as though you are sluggish and have no energy throughout the day.  Many fitness competitors and athletes will experience adrenal fatigue prior to a competition if on restricted diets for long periods of time, and due to overworking in the gym/cardio.


Adrenal fatigue can and will impact your life immensely; it will restrict you in many ways not just in the gym.  You will feel like crap all of the time, feel down or depressed, have a harder time losing weight and many other negative symptoms.  Not only does it affect your health, but it also contributes to other hormones in your body so you always want your body in a healthier state in order for it to function better.


It is becoming more and more common these days especially with the direction that health is going as far as the obesity rate.  Internal and external stress will also play a large role in this.


Recovering adrenal exhaustion

The good news is that we can all recover from adrenal fatigue, and if you are feeling any symptoms you should take action.


The first recommendation is that you clean up your diet, this includes getting off a low carb diet or high fat diet, it is important that you consume a well balanced nutrient dense diet filled with vegetables, good clean carbohydrates and healthy essential fatty acids.  Avoid junk foods and processed foods all together.  Drink herbal teas such as chamomile and passionflower along with vegetable juices is great for adrenal restoration.


Secondly, reduce caffeine consumption.  Although caffeine does have its benefits, you must not overload the body with caffeine, as this places a lot of stress on your body.  Avoid drinking too much coffee, energy drinks and pre workout supplements.  It will be difficult at first, but after several weeks you will feel more energetic naturally which is essential.  Avoid those drinks and foods that give you that instant burst of energy.  Caffeine also acts as a diuretic, so this means that you must compensate by drinking more water as it flushes more water out of your body.  Ensure you are drinking enough water based on your location, climate, exercise level and body.

 Sleep is very important; of course it’s not the easiest thing for us to get 8 hours a day.  However, try you’re hardest as sleep is extremely important for adrenal and overall health.  Drinking caffeinated products does not help so that’s another reason to cut them out.


Salt can help to restore your adrenal glands.  If you feel light headed in the morning, during your workouts, or if you get up suddenly you may have low blood pressure and adrenal exhaustion, a good way to increase blood pressure is to consume salt from a good quality such as sea salt.


Those are some of the top tips to increase your adrenal health.  Remember you have only one body, and one life so take care of your body.  Whether you are an average person or an athlete, your health is not worth compromising for anything.


Recommended supplements for adrenal restoration             


  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B-5
  • Vitamin B-3
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Iodine




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"Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Older Adults: A Guide to Holistic Approaches to Healthy Aging"; Elizabeth R. Mackenzie and Birgit Rakel; 2006





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thank you, Amer.
By : Bryan | Date : Jun 11 2013
awesome blog post
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