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Are you one of those people with crappy calf genetics?

Are you one of those people with crappy calf genetics?


Many men have a problem with building good calves; this could be for a number of reasons.  First off, it is important to note that the male body contains a high amount of androgen receptors in the upper body, hence why it is easier for men to develop bigger shoulders, traps, and pecs.  However, this should not be an excuse as to why your legs look like pencils.


The main reasons your calves probably don’t match up to your upper body is that you do not place enough emphasis on them.  Although you will find it easier to build your upper body due to the amount of androgenic receptors being more dominant in the upper region of your body, you probably are not hitting your calves as hard as you are hitting your arms.  Think about it, some guys spend upwards of 60 minutes trying to pump up their arms, do you think those same guys have ever spent that amount of time or effort on developing their calves?

Muscle is muscle, simple.  Your muscle will grow if you overload it, which goes without saying.  Sure it may be a bit more difficult to grow your calves then your arms even with the same amount of effort and emphasis, but they will grow without a doubt!  There is no denying the facts, muscle grows when you overload the muscle, and this even applies to the muscles in your hands and face.  If you place more tension on a given muscle then your body is accustomed to, your body will compensate by growing and getting stronger so that the next time you decide to be a tough guy and lift heavy weights, your body can perform the task without any issues.


I have heard many people blame their genetics, and make remarks that “black people do not have good calf genetics”.  This is true to an extent, however we cannot stereotype and say all black people have poor genetics, or all white people have great genetics.  However if you look at the genetic makeup of the calves for the different racial groups, African decent individuals typically do have a shorter calf.  This means that the calf is much higher up, ideal for sports such as sprinting and basketball due to the elasticity.  Not ideal for bodybuilding.


However having said that, you can still build a large calf no matter where the insertion of your calf is, you just wont have calves that are of equal length to others if that is not the way your muscle is structured.


So lets put an end to all of the BS theories, yes you can build big calves no matter where you are from, so stop blaming your genetics, start being accountable, and take action to really develop them.  Overload your calves the same way you do with your arms, and remember that muscle is muscle no matter where it is on your body so quit with the excuses and get to it!


Muscle Building | January 05, 2013

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