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Tips To Follow While Eating Out

Tips To Follow While Eating Out

A dilemma many of us face when trying to attain a well-toned physique, is choosing between a social life, and trying to look our very best. It is said by many that if you want to look ripped and toned, you have to give up going out to eat at restaurants, which really would eliminate much of many of our social lives.


It is possible to eat out, and pretty much every restaurant with the exception of fast food and enjoy a healthy dish. So now you can still go on that date with that cute girl, or still go out for your best friends birthday dinner.


The problem with the majority of restaurants, and the reason it makes it hard to dine out unless you know how to order is that restaurants are not concerned about your body fat, or whether your trying to shred off 10lbs. Their sole purpose is to cater, tasty foods that you will enjoy, and even come back again for more.


A few points to keep in mind when dining out:

•Stay away from the word FRIED anywhere on the menu

•Use as little or no dressings, sauces, dips as many contain high fat, high sugar, and high sodium ingredients with MSG.

•Order foods that are baked, grilled, or roasted rather then foods that are fried or sautéed.

•Always ask for your food to be prepared without butter, or oil. You can even mention that you have a dairy allergy so that you can be 100% sure they do not use butter, as it is a serious health concern.

•Order vegetables, salad or ask for a plain baked potato instead of the French fries or fully loaded baked potato.


It's very simple to dine out, while still being healthy, just follow those 5 simple steps so you can still maintain a social life. An excellent dish order is salmon, white fish, or a chicken breast on top of a salad with no dressing. To keep the meal from being bland, use lemon, balsamic vinegar, and oil for dressing.


Initially it may be hard to say no, but when the meal is all done, and it is tie to go hoem you will be glad you turned down eating unhealthy. Another great way to incorporate dining out is to eat out on your cheat or treat day. Once a week, allow yourself to eat out as a reward for eating clean the whole week. Follow a 10% rule, which means you can eat freely 10% of the time. If you consume four meals per day, that would amount to a total of 28 meals for the week. 10% of 28 meals is 2.8 meals. So 2-3 meals of the week can be of your choice. Eat clean, train dirty!

Lifestyle | January 15, 2013

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