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Dark Chocolate the New Super food?

Dark Chocolate the new super food?


Dark chocolate, 70% and up to be exact is a lot better then what most make it out to be.  A study performed on 10 healthy male and 10 healthy female showed that specifically dark chocolate would lead to a decrease in blood pressure for those suffering hypertension.  The research at the University of Boston led by Dr. Jeffrey B. Blumberg had the subjects consume dark chocolate, and white chocolate and after just 15 days those subjects consuming the dark chocolate showed a significant drop in blood pressure.


Dark chocolate has also shown to decrease insulin sensitivity.  One of the more recent studies showed that dark chocolate contains more flavonoids then any other food on the planet, approximately 5 times the amount found in blueberries.  Studies performed in Finland on 10 000 subjects showed that those with the highest count of the anti oxidant flavonoids had a 46% chance lower risk of developing lung cancer, as well as a lower risk of dyeing from heart disease.


Dark chocolate has many benefits, however this does not mean its ok to eat too much.  Dark chocolate contains a high amount of calories per serving, so be sure to consume no more then 2oz per day, and ensure to fit it into your caloric intake rather then consuming more calories then needed.  85% dark chocolate is optimal in the amount of 10g per day based on a study performed.  As anything else in life, enjoy in moderation, afterall balance is the key to success.

Nutrition | February 07, 2013

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