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Beat The Cravings

Craving foods is a natural feeling for almost every human being.  Research at the University of Calgary in Alberta Canada show that 68% of men, and 97% of women feel cravings and the temptation to give into foods that we restrict ourselves of.


Food is as addictive as drugs! When we consume junk food, our brain reacts in a very similar manner that it would to doing illegal drugs.  No wonder why the obesity epidemic is contently rising within North America, and the worst part is that we don’t even realize that we are addicted to these foods.


No matter what, there is no solution to the problem, no pill, diet plan or doctor can help you rid these cravings.  However, with a balanced diet you can rectify the issue.  Like anything in life, the key is to never be extreme at anything you do.  If you diet very hard, and never give into the temptation, it is only a matter of time before you give in and binge in the polar opposite direction.   


When you feel cravings, ask yourself  “do I really want this food”? If the answer is yes, consume it within moderation.  It is perfectly fine to consume foods that are considered “bad foods’ in moderation of course.  Try to limit the amount, and also portion out the amount before you sit down and eat.  For example, rather then sit down with the tub of ice cream, portion it out before hand and only eat the amount that you allowed yourself in the first place.


As long as you can consume these foods within moderation you are perfectly fine and can still reach your fitness goals, it is also healthy for you to do physiologically which keeps you balanced.   The key is to consume the food, and then move on.  The problem with many people is that they allow these slip-ups or cravings to get the best of them.  They binge and then feel down or depressed that they gave in, then they completely write of the whole day.  That is the problem! The next meal, you must continue on with your normal eating habits, do not let these slip ups are treat meals get the best of you.  Eat it, enjoy it, and move on, it is really that simple and once you allow yourself the balance without allowing it effect you mentally you will enjoy consuming these foods much more within moderation, and without depriving yourself.  Remember, if you deprive yourself of anything, it is only a matter of time before you relapse into the complete opposite direction, and with nutrition and clean eating the opposite direction usually is binging and eating well beyond the point of being full.


Amer the Hammer


Lifestyle | February 08, 2013

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